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Lab members, contact Brad to get wiki access. All lab members can edit wiki content and maintain their own user pages. Media and PDF upload is possible via the sidebar. To create a page, simply enter the page title into the search-bar above and if that page doesn't currently exist you will be given the option to create it. For help on editing a wiki see the following links:

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Protocols and Lists


Alzheimer's Disease Study

We are currently analyzing genotype and phenotype data gathered by the Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project, which includes whole-exome and SNP information from ~4500 Alzheimer's patients and ~4500 age-matched controls. Our goal is to identify genetic variants that increase AD risk and variants that confer protection against dementia. We are utilizing a mixture of classic genomics methods and machine learning to identify sites and genes that impact the AD profile, and leverage this data to inform mouse-model AD experiments.

LHb GRIN Lens recording

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